We have categorized our resume writing services into the simple options presented below. Each of the resume categories is based on a candidate's professional experience and emphasizes the level of competence that an employer would be looking for in an ideal candidate. 

  • Select your required service option below and proceed with the checkout process. We use Paypal for secure payment processing. The payments page should indicate "Savvy Concepts", our parent company.
  • Once through with the payment process, you will be redirected to the page where you will give specific instructions regarding your order. This includes your preferred turnaround time, as well as any special considerations that you feel our team should make. 
  • If you already have an old resume, you may attach it on this page to give us an idea of what you have been up to. Finally, if you intend to apply for a job right away, include the job description, or a link to the job's advert. 
  • Our team will pick up your work order, review your specifications, and then contact you via phone or email to discuss your resume further. 

Our New Service Packages

Early Career Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile - $100

For young professionals with zero - 2 years of working experience.

Turnaround Time - 48 hours.

This package demonstrates how your training and career objectives align with the employer's requirements. The resume also shows how you will adapt to the employer's organizational culture, as well as the level of productivity that the employer should expect from you. Most employers will also want to know how ready you are for further training in readiness for more challenging jobs, and we illustrate this, too. 

Middle-Level Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile - $200

For professionals with 3 - 9 years of working experience.

Turnaround Time - 48 hours.

This is recommended for middle-level professionals, including those in administration, sales/customer service, finance, technical staffs, and middle-level managers in different professions. The package illustrates your contribution (in person and as part of a team) to your current and previous employers' organizational growth and shows prospective employers what they stand to gain by hiring you. We select the best resume format depending on your career history and the kind of organizations that you intend to approach for new jobs.

Career Transition Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile - $200

For middle-level professionals crossing over to a new career.

Turnaround Time - 48 hours.

Career transition is one of the most challenging things to sell to employers. This is more so when you have accumulated significant experience in one field, and then wish to move into doing something new altogether. Most employers will question your intentions, motivations, as well as competence to handle the new job that you will take up with them. However, worry not; we are the experts at writing career transition resumes and cover letters. We demonstrate the value of your experience and transferable skills to the new employer. We also help the new employer set realistic expectations of what you stand to deliver.

Snr Management Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile - $300

For professionals with over 10 years of experience

Turnaround Time - 48 hours.

This service package caters to the needs of professionals with significant management experience, and those tasked with strategic roles in their current organizations. The resume illustrates your leadership capabilities, strategy formulation and implementation, and how you have contributed to the success and profitability in your current and previous roles. This is the ideal resume category for technical managers and senior executives in different lines of profession. 

 Cover Letter - $30


Turnaround Time: 48 Hours

We write great cover letters to accompany your resume when making job applications. Available options include:

  • Specific Cover Letter - Best option when responding to an advertised position. Remember to email us the job description.
  • Generic Cover Letter - Best for exploring non-advertised positions.
  • Follow up Letter - To solidify your impression in the employer's mind after the interview. 

Send us an email using the address on the page header should you need more information, or for any clarifications regarding any of our above-mentioned services. 


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